Roadtrips to clear the Mind - S 7

S 7 put to "instant" work:

As you likely have landed on this blog via the LaMygale website, you will know that one of my personal projects for 2017, is to become more familiar with my mobile phone cameras and their abilities. And I am sharing the results here for your enjoyment.

Recently a round trip of some 6 hours travelling afforded me time to clear the clutter in my mind. A beautiful sunrise over sprawling suburbia was just the cherry on top! Unfortunately when one is alone, it is often unwise to stop and photograph the beautiful scenery. This sunrise begged me to just snap fast before I concentrated on the trip again.

And this was the result of a quick, auto-mode drive-by shooting. It did undergo some editing as well - however, not much post-production P S was needed. It is important to me that the basic image SOOC is such that with just a little bit of editing afterwards, the result is a fine image.
"Auto" mode, low light conditions, full wide angle.


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